BECERRA LABORAL was founded in 1970 as a result of the needs felt by clients (generally companies of “BECERRA” group) in the field of Employment and Social Security.

Soon after opening this new area of legal advice, it grew quickly. After a steady development, it was fully integrated in the other legal fields such as the tax one, which was the main reason for opening BECERRA advisors in 1918.

Nowadays, 40 years after opening, BECERRA LABORAL is very successful and relevant to society. After all, the problems deriving from the needs of companies: human resources or good working relations among staff appear both in periods of crisis and economic expansion.

Our team has reached a high level of professionalism and experience which is offered to our clients everyday. Their feedback and loyalty assure us we are in the right path.

We endeavour to give you the right answer and solution to the needs of your companies and therefore, we will always be at your disposal and happy to have you among our distinguished clientele.

  1. Advice, consultations, reports and general information through Circulars and Bulletins.
  2. Advice and assistance in inquiries and checking procedures carried out by the Central or Regional Administrations through their employment and social security investigation services.
  3. Legal Review of acts and resolutions issued by the administration.
  4. Employment and Social Security Law Audit.
  5. Foreign workers:
    • Work and residence permits.
    • Contracts / Employment offers.
    • Contract novations and extensions.
    • Social Security registration and cancellation.
  6. Trade Union representation of workers:
    • Personnel delegates.
    • Workers committee.
    • Elections.
  7. Downsizing plans.
    • Reduction in working time.
    • Contract suspension.
    • Contract termination.
  8. Social security special contribution agreements and international agreements.
  9. Company starting up and registration with Social Security; moving the registered office and activity, company name changes
  10. Employment contracts/hiring. Employees’ remuneration. Bonuses.
  11. Presentation of any kind of writings and management of any kind of employment and social security cases before the following bodies:
    • National Institute of Social Security.
    • National Institute for Employment.
    • Catalan Government’s Job Centres.
    • Catalan Government’s Department for Employment.
    • Individual Conciliation Services.
    • General Treasury of Social Security.
    • Provincial Inspection Office of Employment and Social Security.
    • Employment courts.
    • Spanish Government sub delegation in Barcelona.
    • National Institute of the Navy.
  12. Registrations, cancellations and modifications of employees at the Social Security General Regime.
  13. Monthly preparation of computer statements of pay slips and social insurances:
    • Monthly bulletins of contributions and their transmission through the Network system.
    • Pay-slips.
    • Payroll summary/cost lists.
    • Temporary incapacity note due to common illness or maternity. Procedure through the Network system.
    • Temporary incapacity notes due to accidents at work. Procedure through Delta or CAT 365.
    • Domicile changes.
    • Assistance given to workers moving abroad.
  14. Implementation and updating of Collective Bargaining Agreements.
  15. Deductions to employees for Income Tax Purposes applying the applicable regularisations during the tax year. Filling of forms 110, 111, 190 and annual summary. Filling of annual certificate of remuneration and deductions made to each employee in order for them to prepare their income tax return.
  16. Procedures regarding each social security special regime: self-employed workers, TRADES (Self employed but economically dependant workers), commerce representatives, artists, book writers and domestic service.
  17. Labour disputes.
  18. Social security benefits:
    • Retirement.
    • Widow’s pension.
    • Orphan’s pension.
    • Assistance given due to someone dying.
    • Disability.
    • Unemployment.
  19. Legal procedures at the Employment and Social Security, Civil and Administrative Courts, the Catalonia’s Superior Court, Provincial and National Courts, Supreme Court and Constitutional Court and at the Individual Conciliation Service of the Catalan Government in any case which is the competency of the above courts.
  20. Estate Management. The list of activities above is detailed but it is not comprehensive. Therefore, you are advised to check with us about any other issue not listed above as we may be able to help you.


Yasmina-Ylenia Sánchez Lázaro

Partner, Lawyer registered with the Illustrious Lawyers College of Barcelona and Property Administrator

Ana Díaz Boizas

Partner, Lawyer registered with the Illustrious Lawyers College of Barcelona and Property Administrator

Montserrat Olives Figueras

Head of department and Social Security Specialist

Ascensión Ortiz Jiménez

Employment and Social Security Graduate and Work Hazard Prevention Senior Technician

Noemí Roca Albert

General office

Estrella Rosell Rodríguez

Social Security Specialist

Marta Rodríguez Gil

Employment and Social Security Law Graduate

Regina Corcoll Arias

Reception and general business

Rosa Carrasco Llovera

Social Security Specialist

Martín Milán Romera

Degree in Law from the University of Barcelona. Labor lawyer in the exercise of the Bar Association of Barcelona.


José Luis Díaz Cabañas

Lawyer registered with the Illustrious Lawyers College of Barcelona and Estate Manager

Fernando José Sánchez Chicón

Employment and Social Security Law Graduate and Work Hazard Prevention Specialist