1. Consultations, reports, tax advice and information, especially through circulars.
  2. Advice and defence during tax procedures, especially tax inspection procedures with regard any kind of taxes.
  3. Formalisation of tax statements, tax self-assessments and control of any kind of taxes levied by the State, Autonomous Communities or Municipalities.
  4. Appeals against administrative acts.
  5. Judicial review of administrative acts before the relevant courts.
  6. Representation of people and foreign entities in Spain.
  1. Company formation, modification of articles of association, capital increase, mergers and dissolution of companies and, in general, any act, agreement, appeal, procedure and actions deriving from the applicable legal rules to companies.
  2. Drafting and negotiation of contracts.
  3. Judicial and extrajudicial claims.
  4. Insolvency procedures.
  5. Secretary services for companies.
  6. Acquisition and sale of companies.
  7. Company merger and reverse merger and other acts
  1. Foreign investments in Spain and Spanish investments abroad.
  2. Matters regarding the Exchange Rate Control Law.
  3. Procedures and licences of opening, moving and enlargement of industries.
  1. Secretary services for Foundations and Associations.
  2. Any matter regarding civil and criminal law and other legal specialities can be dealt with by our external consultants under our supervision when needed.



Joan Balaguer Martínez

Lawyer LL.B and Modern and Contemporary History B.A. at the University of Barcelona. Lecturer at “Abat Oliba” University in Barcelona. Master’s degree on Company secretaries and tax expert at CDES Abat Oliba. “Diplôme de l’Université de Toulouse”. University of Cambridge’s Certificate of Proficiency in English and “Mestre en Català” qualification issued by the Catalonia’s Librarians Association.

Miquel Rosell Juanhuix

Business law professor and chartered accountant registered at ROAC (Official Register of Chartered Accountants).

Esteve Avellan Roura

Lawyer LL.B. at University of Barcelona.


Queralt Terés Anton

Lawyer. LL.B. at University of Barcelona. Master’s degree on taxes and tax advice at CEF (Financial Studies Centre). Master’s degree on advanced accounting at CEF.

Borja Garín Ballesteros

Lawyer. Graduated in Law and Political Science from the University of Barcelona. Master's Degree in Taxation and Tax Advice CEF (Center for Financial Studies)

Xavier Andreu Giralt

Tax consultant

Yaiza Muñoz Aragón

Diploma in Business Sciences. Master in Taxation at the Col.legi d'Economistes de Barcelona.


Rosa Montava Peris

Financial management

Gemma Coll Huecas

General Secretary

Anabel Barranco Posino


Lourdes Julia Morillas Prudencio

Administrative Collaborator