Assessors Econòmics

  1. Study and implementation of accounting systems and administrative circuits.
    • Periodical assistance, follow up, accounts revision and balance drafting.
    • Drafting of financial statements based on the company’s balance sheets.
    • Accounts drafting.
    • Consolidation of financial statements.
    • Comparative charts of the results account and balance sheet periodically followed up.
    • Economic and financial reports of companies.
    • Financial and economic advice with regard the situation, dissolution and merger of any kind of companies.
    • Financing: analysis of the financial situation and reassessment of how to obtain financial resources to optimize management.
    • Business plans and strategy: definition of the company’s goals analysing the environment, the economic sector and competition and studying the strong points and carrying out strategic planning.
    • Acting as independent experts in company valuations: valuation in accordance with various methods in mergers, reverse mergers and analogous operations, valuation of assets and companies (or part of them) as independent experts, especially with regard capital increase and mergers and reverse mergers.
    • Acquisition and sale of companies: advice on valuation and negotiation.
    • Certifications of data and documents.
    • Economic analysis and diagnostic of companies: it consists on examining the company’s situation in a given moment to determine the strong and weak points and to issue a diagnosis with regard the solution. The plan is the result of making concrete propositions of the conclusions of previous analysis and it may be a restructuring plan, an adjustment plan, a re-launching plan, a reorganisation plan or a feasibility plan.
    • Management, updating and follow up of fixed assets and their depreciation information technology.
    • Analysis and implementation of assessment systems and cost control and proposal to achieve their correct assessment.
    • Studies and reviews of procedure and internal control systems.
    • Examination and diagnosis of annual accounts, of certain balances or business areas.
    • Determination of the real value of shares in a company.
    • Analysis of accounting records, transactions, files and documents of companies to determine their tax situation before the Inland Revenue Office with regard to any kind of taxes and tax years subject to be checked. The main goals of these revisions are to determine whether:
    • The credit and debit balances with the Inland Revenue Office are correct.
    • The documentary records are the correct ones.
    • It is the financial and accounting management of small companies who do not wish to have or do not need its own management structure and need external professional support in this area, which we provide.
    • Financing: analysis of the financial situation and reassessment of how to obtain financial resources to optimize management.
    • This section specially applies to newly created companies or to companies domiciled abroad opening a branch, office or representative delegation in our country.
    • Representation of foreign companies and providing an address for their administrative offices in Spain.
  1. Advice and assistance in the use of micro information technology in the following areas:
  2. Preparation of electronic sheets for financial statements, financial studies, budgets and analogous situations.
  3. Periodical drafting of reports for directors and the management team.
  4. Analysis of the veracity of data.
  5. Advice given on the analysis and implementation of computer systems.


Ferran Contreras Martín

Business studies graduate Financial and economic consultant – Partner and director.

Mercè López Gutiérrez

Economics graduate.Economic and financial consultant – Partner and director

Jordi Ventosa-Diviu González

Economics graduate. Economic and financial consultant – Partner and director.

Sandra Barberà Ortega

Economics graduate. Economic and financial consultant.


Resurrección Gallego León

Accounting consultant

Ariadna Codina Arasa

Internal administration. Accounting consultant

Regina Llorente Esteban

Accounting consultant

Marta Díez Romero

Accounting consultant